Everything you need to know about Snapchat

Everything you need to know about Snapchat

The best features of Snapchat many users do not know. In this post we show which functions Snapchat offers and how to adjust them perfectly.

It’s a Hidden Features Offering It Use the Snapchat messenger service to send photos and short videos that are only seconds visible.

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Optimize profile settings

The icon in the upper left corner of Snapchat will take you to your profile information. Here you can, among other things, upload a profile picture, add friends and view your friends list. You can also access the settings on the top right with the gear icon, including username, birthday and mobile number.

Creating a custom bitmoji

As a profile picture, you can create a so-called bitmoji by tapping the ghost icon in your profile information – a comic avatar designed to your liking. To do this, select “Create Bitmoji”. Snapchat will now automatically redirect you to the Google Play Store and download the Bitmoji app. Install them, open them, and sign in with Snapchat. Tap Create Bitmoji and follow the instructions.

snapchat face filters

Activate snapchat face filters

the Face Filter To use the Lenses face filter, which brings animal ears, whiskers, or other funny masks into the face of Snapchat users, tap and hold your face on the screen for longer. If necessary, switch to the smartphone front camera. Snapchat performs a facial recognition and suggests various filters that you can swap between your moods. Some can also be used with two people.

Discovering Stories

In addition to the spirit icon, the top left corner of the screen contains the search feature that lets you sift through Snapchat stories from popular athletes, musicians, actors, and other celebrities. Either enter a search term here or you can access the numerous suggestions.

How to chat correctly

A click on “Friends” on the bottom left opens the chat area. Select a contact by tapping it or start a new chat over the bubble icon in the upper right corner. Now you can type. With the icons below the input field you can send reminders, make voice and video calls, create snaps and send stickers.

Creating Snaps A core feature of the app is the creation of snaps, photos or videos that are only visible for a short period of time. Snaps can be decorated with filters, stickers, backgrounds and text fragments. You create a photo snap by briefly pressing the round record button. To record a video, press and hold the shutter release button. Now you can embellish the snap by swiping with your finger. Use the “T” on the top right to complete the text.

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