snapchat tips and tricks iphone & android

snapchat tips and tricks for iphone & android

Snapchat not only lets you send and receive photos. With our snapchat tips and tricks, you will get more out of the photo messenger and also get to know hidden functions.

Pin Emojis on Snapchat Videos

Pin Emojis on Snapchat Videos

You can pin emojis in one place on a video, for example, letting a plane follow a pen, or putting people on animal heads. To do this, select an emoji after video recording and hold it down when the object you want to hide appears. Move the emoji to this spot and release it.

Chat 2.0: Phone calls and video chats

With a major update , Snapchat has positioned itself as a direct competitor to messengers like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. You can access the chat area by swiping to the right on a contact in the Friends list.

In the chats you can write texts as well as send screenshots and also snaps, which can be viewed as usual only once. The chat history, however, is not limited in time, but he did not stay with us permanently, but disappeared again. What criteria we have not been able to determine.

You can also call your friends via the chat feature and even start a video chat with them. If the called party does not accept the video chat, Snapchat offers you to send a short video message after the second unsuccessful attempt. This is how the answering machine works today.

Find more snaps

Find more snaps

In a live story, you can search for similar snaps from the stories of other users. Swipe from the bottom up and Snapchat search for them. However, you can not see which users they come from and also do not interact with. The whole thing does not work for all stories, but only for selected ones where “discover” can be read at the bottom.

Secretly take a screenshot

Secretly take a screenshot

Actually, the snaps are supposed to be ephemeral, but screenshots can still be made. However, since this is not the case, Snapchat informs the sender of the message about it. With a little snapchat trick android , you can also withhold this information from your counterpart. Switch your smartphone into flight mode as soon as the snap has arrived. Watch him and take the screenshot. Then log out of the app and then turn off the flight mode again. Then you can log in again and the sender will not know that you have taken a screenshot.

Submit your own snapchat geofilters

Submit your own snapchat geofilters

You can create your own geofilters and submit them to Snapchat. The file templates and all information can be found here . The Messenger provides a Photoshop template and has strict rules for allowing filters. For example, they must not obscure too much of the image and not just apply to a particular business or company.

Apply two filters to one image

Snapchat offers color filters and geofilters, one of which you select by swiping for your photo. With a little trick you can combine two filters to impress your friends and collect a trophy. Take a photo as usual and decide on a color filter. Now hold one finger on the touch screen and simultaneously wipe with another finger on the touch screen and you select in addition to the color filter a Geofilter.

Activate lenses

Activate lenses

The Lenses of Snapchat have been copied by many apps like MSQRD , but still enjoy great popularity. Use the filters to process your selfies before taking them. To activate Lenses press and hold your finger while the front camera is on your face – on the display, of course. You can choose between the various filters in the pop-up menu that opens, including instructions on how to activate them.

zoom in on video snapchat

zoom in on video snapchat

Snapchat has a built-in digital zoom. When you pick up a video with a second finger on the screen, the camera zooms closer to the subject. With a swipe down you remove yourself from the filmed object.

More colors for painting

Snapchat has more colors ready for you to paint and write than it seems at first glance. On iOS, you specify a color in the color selection exactly, but white and black seem to be missing. But if you draw your finger from the color selection to the left edge of the screen, you can paint or write with white. To select black you have to drag your finger from the color palette all the way down.

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Under Android, white and black are present in the color palette, but the selection of different shades is much more limited and not as infinitely possible as on iOS. However, if you hold your finger on the color selection, it enlarges and shows you more shades.

Enable location based filters

Enable location based filters

Snapchat has three color filters for your photos. You can activate more (location-based) filters in the settings under More options -> Manage -> Filters . To do this, however, you need to give the app access to your GPS data and enable tracking as it displays your speed, weather, time, or specific locations in selected locations.

Use the display as a flash

In order to be able to recognize snaps with the front camera even in low light, you can turn the front display into a flash. Click on the lightning icon in the upper left corner. When Snapchat captures a selfie, the screen lights up completely in white for a short while to make your face brighter. In the rear camera, the conventional LED light is used as lighting.

Extend battery life by power saving mode

Snapchat is active, the display and the camera are permanently on and consume a lot of energy. So that the app does not empty the battery of your smartphone so fast, you should activate the power saving mode in the iOS version. This ensures that the camera switches off after a short period of inactivity. Under Android this option is missing so far.

Larger font and centered text

If the text of the texts on the pictures is not big enough for you, simply tap the T-symbol at the top of the display once more. After another tap, the text appears centered. However, more fonts are not available, you can not choose the font size.

Add friends via snapcode or other ways

Add friends via snapcode or other ways

There are four ways to add friends to Snapchat. Either you can enable GPS and friends near places that have the “Nearby” feature enabled as well. The second new option is to add via the Snapcode – not only as before by scanning the Snapcode on the other smartphone, but also via photos and screenshots from the gallery. Just like entering the user name or your address book, you can find it in the “Add friends” menu item that appears when you swipe from the top down on the Snapchat start screen.

Snatch faster through stories

If a story is too lame for you, then you can snatch through the different parts of the story faster. For this you only type on the display when the story is started. She then jumps directly to the next snap.

Switch faster between rear and front camera

Theoretically, a click on the camera symbol in the upper right corner of the display is enough to switch between front and rear camera. However, the symbol up there is not always easy to reach. But fortunately, all you have to do is tap the touchscreen twice to change the camera – even while the video is being recorded.

become a beta tester for snapchat

become a beta tester for snapchat

You want to try new Snapchat features above all else? Then you should log in to the settings under “Join Snapchat Beta” as a tester for new versions of the app. In return, the developers expect you to give them feedback and not complain if errors occur in a pre-release version. The offer is only for Android users. The iOS version of Snapchat is always final on the App Store.

Individualize Snapcode

You can personalize your snapcodes with a selfie animation. To do so, click on your Snapcode in the snap-down menu of Snapchat and then on the record button below the yellow framed ghost. Then the app takes five selfies at short intervals and puts them together to an animation. You can delete them later and return to the white ghost.

Who can send you snaps and who is allowed to see your stories?

In the settings of Snapchat in menu item “Who can …” determines whether you want to receive from all users or only from your friends snaps. In addition, you determine who can see your stories: Only friends, each user or you select with each new story, who gets sent.

Set notifications

In the settings of Snapchat under Advanced -> notification settings Android users determine whether the app may notify them of new snaps and if so how: By flashing the screen, a flashing LED, vibrating or ringing. If you use the iOS version of Snapchat, then you can not make these settings in the app, but in the settings of iOS – under Messages -> Snapchat .

Delete conversations

If you want to – for whatever reason – delete a conversation completely from Snapchat, then that is also possible. Namely under Settings -> Account Actions -> Delete conversations . However, you can not delete individual snaps here, just complete conversations.

Edit names of friends

If all the nicknames are too confusing for you, you can edit the names of your friends in Snapchat. To do this, in the chat, click on the three stripes in the upper left corner, then click on Edit name and under “My friends” on a name and then on the gear icon and select “Edit name”.

Reduce data consumption from Snapchat

With the stories and now even video calls come together a lot of data together. To reduce this, Snapchat has a travel mode with reduced data usage. You will find him in the settings under “More options”.

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