What does YOLO mean?

What does YOLO mean?

“YOLO” is the acronym and the acronym for “You only live once”.

YOLO is understood as a way of life in which fun and the use of opportunities to gain joy and experiences are in the foreground. YOLO is a way of life that encourages one’s own fears to be overcome and disregarded as false prohibitions. Discipline and reason (in the sense of “reasonable decisions”) play no role in YOLO. YOLO promotes a willingness to take risks and the courage to go unusual ways to have fun and experience something. Anyone who says YOLO suggests that he has courage and also a situation under control.

When someone reports on their YOLO acts, it is usually called “YOLO Action” or “YOLO Actions” or “YOLO Moment”.


  • “I jump now. Yolo! “
  • “Just ordered pizza for 40 euros. Yolo! “
  • “I do not do household chores. Yolo! “
  • “Morning exam. I do not need to learn. Yolo “

Among adolescents, the term “YOLO” is widely used. Anyone who knows only English has already contacted YOLO.

“You only live once” as the youth of the year

“YOLO” was voted Youth Word of the Year 2012. In second place came “FU!” And in third place ” Yalla “. In the same year, stood for election. Other well-known youth words are: Swag , Bae and ” Fly be “

YOLO and Carpe diem

“YOLO” is often compared, if not equated, with the Latin phrase “carpe diem”. “Carpe diem” means “enjoy the day” or “enjoy the day”.

Although “carpe diem” and “YOLO” seem similar at first glance, they are very different. Because “Carpe diem” on a reaction to the experiences of the Thirty Years War in Europe. The war led to many deaths and partly whole tracts of land were destroyed. In the seventeenth century people and their descendants responded to this experience by appraising and using the moment, that is, the here and now, because the feeling of vanity (transience) was still omnipresent for a long time.

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YOLO Hack 

“YOLO” has nothing to do with transitoriness or fear of death soon, but is more of a reaction to the fear of missing something. This is where the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) comes in, which motivates some to be more courageous so they will not regret missed opportunities later. While YOLO is an invitation to foolishness, Carpe Diem is summoned to humble and enjoy the day.

With the proliferation of social media and the ability to portray themselves through audacious actions on the Internet and perhaps gain some fame, YOLO has become more widespread.

Dissemination and history of YOLO

The term “YOLO” is to be seen for the first time in 2004 on a T-shirt worn by Adam Mesh on the TV show “The Average”.

The band “The Strokes” already released in 2009 a song called “You only live once”.

In music, “YOLO” was distributed by various rappers and hip-hopers. In English-speaking this was Drake with the song “The Motto”. In Germany and Austria, the distribution was among others by Money Boy.

The rock band “Suicide Silence” released in 2011 a song called “You only live once”.

MC Fitti released a song called “YOLO” in January 2013. The YouTube video has received more than 2 million views to date.

Similar expressions like YOLO have been increasingly used throughout history:

“YOLO” in the music

Various artists have published a song called “YOLO“. Here are some examples:

  • MC Fitti
  • The Lonely Island feat. Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar
  • Joey Bada $$
  • Zoda
  • Crystal F
  • YOLO Cocaine Gang
  • Nepal
  • Contra K
  • Tom Rosenthal
  • Money Boy (“Yolohafte Swagnachten” or ” Swag hetti Yolonese”)
  • NGA
  • Rebecca Bielinski
  • Lucio Bukowski
  • Sevin

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