What is Snapchat?

What is Snapchat

What is Snapchat ? The popular Snapchat instant messaging app has been on everyone’s lips for some time and is currently considered the only serious competitor to Facebook. What makes Snapchat so popular? How does the messenger work? And why is not Snapchat dangerous? The answers can be found in the following special.

There are now a whole range of messenger apps that compete for the favor of users. Most famous is certainly WhatsApp and Facebook has its own messenger as a supplement to the website at the start. For younger users, it is above all a name that causes a stir: Snapchat . The instant messaging app for Android smartphone, iPhone and tablets allows you to send photos that are only visible for a certain number of seconds and then destroy themselves by themselves.

What is Snapchat? And why is it so popular?

Snapchat is a radical change in social media. While older generations mainly send text messages, younger users are increasingly attracted to pictures, videos and photos. The creators of Snapchat are among the first to recognize this trend – and, above all, to use it. Although the app with the distinctive ghost logo was first founded in 2011 by Robert “Bobby” Murphy and Evan Spiegel in California – Snapchat is now one of the most popular apps for iOS and Android.

As a messenger, Snapchat is consistently focused on sending pictures and snapshots of the everyday lives of mostly young users. The trick here: The pictures and videos sent to friends and acquaintances are visible only for a limited time of a maximum of 10 seconds for the recipient , then delete the files automatically from the terminal. A timer can be used to select even shorter time periods for deletion. In addition, users can beautify their images and videos with some tools and filters prior to sending or text.

What does the name Snapchat mean?

In Snapchat, the name is Program: The word “Snapchat” is a citation from “Snapshot” and “Chat”. This alludes to the combination of chatting and images that are central to the app. Unlike the U-30 generation, Snapchat users do not send text messages but communicate in the form of pictures, videos and photos.

What is Snapchat: Snapchat Stories, Trophies and Emojis explained

Sending pictures in Snapchat is of course only the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to numerous updates, numerous additional features have been added that keep Snapchat in the mood for users. Especially the already mentioned filters are extremely popular because you can miss the photos and videos with different graphic effects an individual touch.

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In addition, you can no longer just send individual snapshots, but combine selected images to a Snapchat story and string them together – a kind of virtual poetry album, which is automatically deleted after 24 hours.

The Snapchat stories can be shared with multiple users or, if desired, publicly.

From video games, Snapchat has taken a look at the trophy system – allowing users to unlock virtual rewards by completing various tasks in Snapchat, such as publishing or annotating a certain number of snaps per day.

In addition, there are also the Snapchat smileys – the emoji symbols, such as hourglass , yellow heart or star, act as status messages and tell, for example, who is the best friend of Snapchat.

With all these features and functions – new ones are constantly being added via updates – Snapchat has created a microcosm that is especially appealing to the younger generation. Who is under 25 today, for the Facebook is stale, boring and part of the parent generation. Older people, on the other hand, do not understand Snapchat: for them, the app remains a sealed book – which is probably one of the reasons why the app continues to be so popular.

Meanwhile, companies have recognized the potential of Snapchat and increasingly use the app as a platform to market their own products. The US is once again a pioneer in this regard – a profile on Snapchat belongs to a company there for the good sound, even politicians and the US President use Snapchat to address potential voters. However, there are also many dangers in the past – in the past, the service has repeatedly attracted attention due to security gaps and a lax handling of the subject of data protection. More in the next section.

Snapchat threats: security and privacy

The fact that pictures and videos are deleted within a few seconds in Snapchat, the app suggests the users a very high level of data protection – but this is not always the case.

  • Although the app does not provide the ability to back up received files for both iOS and Android itself, there are third-party apps available.
  • In addition, you can easily use the screenshot key combination of the smartphone in the app.
  • In this way you can then save photos and pictures that were not intended for storage.
  • Another point of criticism is the security of Snapchat. A group of data protection had the operators of the app already in the past year on a critical security gap

Snapchat logo pointed out, which was simply ignored by the makers. As a result, 4.6 million user data landed on the net in protest.

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