YOLO app for Snapchat on number 1

YOLO app for Snapchat on number 1

YOLO shot the # 1 social networking app in iTunes in a week , at least in the US. This brings the app Snapchat back from the insignificance, because YOLO is not a stand-alone app: In order to use them, you need Snapchat. But the hype could flatten as quickly as it came – because YOLO has its downsides.

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But in turn: What is YOLO anyway? Although the app is like a normal application that you need to download in the App Store, without Snapchat YOLO does not work. It is more like an extension. Once installed, you now have the option to request an anonymous message via Snapchat. You simply add a sticker labeled “ask me anything” to your story, and other users can send you an anonymous message that pops up in the YOLO app.

This is only possible so far, because you can not adjust the request that the others should send you an anonymous message or question in the app. Plus, this is only in one direction: you can include the challenge in your stories, but you can not send anonymous questions to contacts or followers without using the YOLO sticker.

Does YOLO motivate you to bully?

Another problem: Snapchat is especially popular with younger smartphone users. And in the past, they have been making headlines about cyber bullying in the past. As you know, the phenomenon is drastically exacerbated by anonymity, including anonymous messages – which are part of the YOLO gene.

There is a similar app in this country anyway. The fact that YOLO is also successful in US and thus brings Snapchat from the sinking, is unlikely.

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